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                        Bald's Original Wood Balm


Gently restores and refurbishes your furniture without removing character and patina. Ideal for any wood and dealing with those accidental scratches and scrapes, It even removes most water and ring marks.

We are always being asked if our Balm can used on all wood, so keeping up to date with our customers reviews and great feedback we have slightly changed the name to Bald's Original Wood Balm.

                             Nothing else has changed!!


                        Bald's Original Furniture Wax  

A special blend of beeswax and natural oils which revive, restore and gives your wood a long lasting shine. 


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Statement from the MD

Hi, I am Mark Bond and I have spent the past 30 years with fine furniture. Technology has given us all sort of short cuts in furniture care including silicones and aerosol sprays - these treatments are superficially fine but do not do much for the long term care of your cherished furniture. My research has led me to a number of traditional treatments, some originating in the Middle Ages. Using these and 21st Century technology we have isolated the best of them and incorporated them into Bald's Original Wood Balm

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Bald's Original Leather Balm

Unique Clean and

Feed Formulation 

A specially formulated liquid cleaner and feeder for leather. It contains an optimised
blend of natural oils and mild detergents that penetrate,soften, lubricate and condition

Enhances and protects leather. 

Helps to minimise scratches and abrasions, restore original appearance and leave leather soft and supple.

What the Customer says...


' I have purchaesd a bottle of Balds Balm from Lakelands today & used it on my teak dining table & I,m very impressed with the results. The table is in the conservatory & gets the full force of the sun & has become somewhat faded.Your product has restored the patina & the table has been transformed as a result of your excellent balm.'


Paul Ludbrook

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