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Please click on picture to see some more feedback from Amazon

Please click on picture to see some more feedback from Amazon

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Customer feedback
Dear Mark

I have just come to the end of my first bottle of Bald’s original furniture balm and for the first time ever I felt compelled to write in praise of a product.

As far as I’m concerned this product has it all – it’s easy to apply, non-greasy, makes all wood look amazing and it has a really great smell too!

I have just placed an order for 2 more bottles and I will always make sure that I have at least one bottle in my cupboard.

I thank you, my furniture thanks you and I’m sure everyone I’m recommending your balm to will thank you.

Lyn Thesen - Shropshire.

Dear Sir

I feel that I must write to thank you for a product that not only does what it says, but does so in such an outstanding manner. The ease with which I applied the balm and the instant results, which were achieved, had to be seen to be believed.

There are many products in the market place, which promise the earth, but fail to do so. Your product, which, in many ways, is self-effacing, produces unbelievable results.

A Furphy - County Down

Dear Sir

Thank you very much for sending me 20 more bottles of your wonderful product. I am now on my third bottle for home use and am now selling it in my antique shop, Berry Antiques & Interiors in Longridge.

Every household should have Bald’s Furniture polish to hand – it is magic in a bottle. I could not live without it, it cleans and revives in one easy action, covering small scratch marks perfectly.

I sold a bottle to one of my customers on Tuesday and she came back for another bottle today – I hope she is not drinking it !!!.

Thank you again.

EM Halsall – Preston

Dear Mr Bond

My Home was built in 1694. The panelled walls in several of the rooms, corridors and staircase were painted dark brown which I took to be an integral part of the decoration until I came across an article in a local paper written many years ago that mentioned in passing, the beauty of the boiserie in the house. I could hardly believe the historian meant the present painted conditions.

I went to work on the panelling with paint stripper, steel wool and sugar soap until every speck of the gloomy brown paint was removed and I got back to the original wood. It was indeed attractive but not surprisingly, the wood after the paint stripper and soap, had a dead look. I tried a couple of popular brands of supermarket furniture polish on several of the panels that gave them an unattractive waxy glint.

I came across Bald’s Original Furniture Balm in a Lakeland catalogue and thought I’d try that, to bring up the finish; when I applied the Bald’s Furniture Balm the effect was immediate and astonishing. At first the wood positively gleamed as it absorbed the Balm; when I polished the panels the next day they took on the lovely warm and fragrant patina of their original beauty and have remained so. Truly, a product that lives up to it’s billing; I am grateful to you.


L S Lawrence - Kent

Dear Sirs

I have to let you know that your Bald’s original furniture balm is wonderful. I have a solid table, which is over 50 years old and had lost its entire colour and sheen. I thought I might get it French polished, but your Balm is fantastic.

I use it regularly and the whole appearance is amazing. I cannot speak too highly of its wonderful enriching of the colour; it is rejuvenating it completely.

Thank You

Mrs Richards – Chingford

Dear Mr Bald

Thank you very much for sending me the Red top bottle of your furniture balm. I am delighted to tell you that it has transformed my dining table, which is now a much better colour and looks as though somebody loves it!

The red top balm has also transformed a very faded mahogany desk, which has sat in full sun, in a window, for the last 9 years (someone else is guilty of this). As you can imagine, the wood was very dry as well as faded, but it now is darker, shinier and much more like its old self. The balm has also made a difference to a rather scratched nest of tables owned by the same person, covering up the scratches really well, and giving the tables a shine they have never had before.

Thanks to you, I shall never use spay polish again.

I seem to remember that your name is not “Bald”, but I can’t remember what it is – sorry !

Yours Sincerely

Deidre Coffey - London


This stuff is amazing! Took all the water stains off and brought out the grain in the rest of the table top. Highly recommended


It was actually the green top that I used on our 60year old oak parquet flooring and it looks great. This is a superb product and a little goes a long way. The wood looks as if it has been fed and has lost its worn out look. Over the years I have tried several polishes and products claiming to restore wood but none come anywhere near to this product. Our floor looks rich and cared for, a really lovely finish.


Easy to use, amazing results on tired furniture, covers scratches well.Leaves furniture shiny, pleasant smelling too.


I'm very impressed with this product.

I have a lot of Chinese mahogany furniture which I bought in Hong Kong about 25 years ago and it has suffered sun damage over the time. When I applied this balm with a soft cloth, I was amazed at just how brilliant it was! Although it looks like soy sauce in the bottle, when you put it on the cloth it comes out almost clear (I've attached a photo of the brand new cloth I used so you can see what I mean). At first, it's not immediately clear that anything is happening but it then seems to seep in and the colour of the wood comes back to life! You can see from the photo what a difference it makes and that's after a single application.

Really chuffed to have discovered this product. It's well worth the price and I'm keen to revitalise the rest of my furniture now. It's a joy to use!


This stuff is absolutely marvellous. I first bought it about 6 years ago from John Lewis, and I haven't looked back since. It's so easy to use, just apply twice or three times in the first month or so, and thereafter it only needs about an annual application - a weekly buff with a soft cloth keeps all my furniture (quite heavily carved ebony, and also some in mahogany and lighter woods for which I use the green-topped bottle) glowing as though considerably more elbow-grease has been expended on it all. I can't recommend it highly enough.


This is truly an excellent product which comes with proper instructions for getting the best results from it. It's very easy to use and get a really good result. I wanted to rejuvenate a lovely piece of furniture but not get a too-perfect factory finished look and this really delivered. It was so good I bought the lighter shade for all my oak furniture and the results have been everything I hoped for.


Used this on an intricately carved camphor wood chest which has been passed down in the family for near 100 yrs now. I cleaned the carvings section by section with wood soap, and then thoroughly dried the wood immediately.
Later I applied the balsam with a very soft toothbrush and then polished the wood with soft cloths. It has really come up a treat. The wood looks restored and the carvings look beautiful l The "RED TOP" balsam is very dark and suitable for dark mahogany type woods, but if your wood is lighter use the lighter balsam. Expensive yes - but in my opinion worth every penny! Really happy with the results!